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Thrillzone: The Laser Tag Experience

I’m crouched in the dark …. hidden (I hope) by the impenetrable barrier I’ve selected and as the music pumps my heart is racing. Just as I decide it’s time to creep away from safety and find my target, Casey appears from nowhere and fires his laser gun. It’s a hit; he’s connected with my gun’s sensor and before I have time to register, he’s melted back into the darkness…

Just then there’s another shot from a different direction! Now my state-of-the-art Tippmann laser gun is immobilised for a few seconds and I realise I need to get my game on! I can make out the next barrier and run towards it in what I believe is stealth mode. This is no good – I’m hit again – and next time I develop my tactics and keep my gun low and sensor hidden.

Okay – this is better! The adrenaline is rushing and I can make out my target through the atmospheric smoke that creates an eerie and exciting vibe. I stalk my target, raise my laser gun and take aim, unleashing a volley of laserfire, then bam! It’s a hit. Immediately I swing round and fire again – I’m learning, and you have to be faaast!

The trick is to keep your gun low, keep moving and stay hidden. You can play with just two people, but in this game, with five of us, it’s hard to stay out of trouble!

Casey’s back on my tail and I cleverly disappear sideways into the crevice between two barriers, only to come eye to eye with Lowry – and I’m down again!

Our session will involve three games, so there’s plenty of time to hone our skills and develop our own strategy. After this first game we check out the scoreboard - showing how many hits we’ve made but also how many times we’ve ‘gone down’.

My results would definitely come with a ‘could do better’ comment, and for the next round I decide to try the lightweight Heroblast gloves. Brilliant for anyone, they’re the perfect weapon of choice for youngsters as you just point at your target and you don’t need to manage a gun.

I loved the sophisticated LCD screen and update on every hit. Each glove is equipped with a touchscreen that allows players to have special powers like activating force-fields, zone-stunning and even the power to give health to a teammate.

Plus the glove style makes you feel like a superhero - as you aim and fire by just pointing your arm at your target! What’s great is you can mix it up, so each team member can choose their weapon and they all work together.

There are lots of game styles too, and you can choose to work together in teams, or go lone ranger and all battle it out against everyone else. Thrillzone’s Laser Tag and Hero Blast is a fantastic fun, sci fi action adventure that will have your adrenaline pumping and provide lots of laughs.

I definitely was hit more times than my crew and like Schwarzenegger I declare, “I’ll be back”.

I have a reputation to maintain and some stealth tactics to develop!

Thrillzone is right in downtown Queenstown, just minutes from the Steamer Wharf, lakefront, and Queenstown’s impressive collection of restaurants and bars – where you can relax after your adventure and compare notes!

Call us now on 03 441 1159 or email

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Unknown member
May 26, 2023

how much for 1 kid

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