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Thrillzone Auckland Takapuna best Indoor and Outdoor activities


Welcome to Thrillzone, Your Destination for Fun Takapuna Activities!

Thrillzone is the perfect destination for great Takapuna activities at every age!


Take a journey to the edge of reality with one of our market-leading multiplayer Virtual Reality experiences and discover worlds without limits. Our state-of-the-art gaming adventures will fully immerse you and your friends into the VR dimensions.

Escape room fans, try something new! Options available at Thrillzone taking Escape Room experiences to the next level, play with us Indoor, Outdoor and in the Virtual world.

What are you looking for?

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Come and Play! Amazing Things to Do in Takapuna

Virtual Reality


Omni VR

Thrillzone has New Zealand’s only state-of-the-art Omni-VR multiplayer platform. Dart through virtual landscapes and test your skills against computer-generated foes. Go in alone or bring a friend for backup, the choice of game is yours to make!


Hologate VR

Take a virtual journey with your friends and family on this multiplayer gaming adventure, fun for all ages! Team up to conquer a rhythm game or cook up a storm on a pirate ship.

So put on your VR headset, grab your controllers, and get ready for an immersive experience that you'll never forget!


VR Escape Rooms

Immerse yourself within the world of Virtual Reality, with plenty of thrilling challenges to choose from!

Ranging from magical dragon tower themes, to a Haunted House Escape Rooms. You can attempt a wide variety of missions for all ages and skill levels!

VR Nno logo Btalelground.jpg

Free Roaming VR Battleground

Immerse yourself in our brand-new wireless free-roaming virtual reality experience!  With up to four players, escape the restrictions of being connected to a wire, and battle with or against your friends and family!  

Escape rooms

Outdoor Escape Advenutres in Takapuna

Outdoor Escape

Enter our Escape Adventure and immerse yourself into a challenging next-level combination of scavenger hunt, escape room, and augmented reality (AR) around beautiful Takapuna!

This outdoor game makes you play incorporated puzzles and code-cracking elements while experiencing exciting AR features & geolocation technology, without the confines of a physical room.


Escape Rooms

Step into New Zealand's 1860 and 70s gold rush, crack the codes, solve the puzzles and try to escape in time!

Based on real crimes, places and people, choose between our 3 Missions. Our games are immersive with integrated technology and mechanics, authentic handcrafted props and richly themed rooms.

Escape Room photos are included FREE with every game!


Virtual Reality
Escape Rooms

With a range of exciting challenges to choose from, you'll be able to choose your own adventure and test your skills to the max.  Step into the magical world of creatures, try your hand at escaping the dragon tower or investigate a haunted monastery.

Our VR escape rooms are perfect for all ages and skill levels, so you're sure to find a challenge that's just right for you!

360º Battle Ground

Laser Tag 03.jpg new.jpg


Laser Tag

Work in teams of any size and go head to head with your friends and family.

Choose from any of our game scenarios, go team against team, or have a Free for All with our military-grade Tippmann guns and your very own Referees.

It’s up to you!

Bazooka Ball 01.jpg new.jpg



All the gain and none of the pain at New Zealand’s only Bazooka Ball arena!

We adapted our Tippmann guns to fire foam balls, so you and your team can go head to head with no fear of bruises.

Bazooka Ball 02.jpg new.jpg



All the impact of real paintball with none of the mess.

Enjoy unlimited ammo as you flip and shoot your way to victory!  This one can leave some bruises behind, so it’s just for adults.

More games

Takapuna Race Car Simulator Product Image.jpg

Race Car Simulator

You need to be quick, you need to be fierce and you need to respond with precision as you tear up the tracks! Challenge yourself and your friends to find out who is the fastest and beat the track record!

Don’t live life in the passenger seat! Come along and put your skills to the test!!!

Group of kids on greenscreen before birthday party .jpg


Everyone is a winner with Thrillzone’s Kids Club! Kids get unlimited fun accompanied by a dedicated staff member, while parents get to enjoy Takapuna at their own pace.

7 group flame.png

Green screen Fun

Come and check out Green Screen!

Strike a pose for the camera and let us work our magic while you experience the thrill of our awesome activities!

Generic Team Build.jpg



Thrillzone has the chops to make your event unforgettable. Go to the edge of the digital world together in adrenaline pumping adventures, solve puzzles, or drift across a virtual reality track


Our KidzClub is the ultimate babysitting service, and we always make sure the kids have great fun. Leave the kids with us, while you enjoy your free time.  Your kids will have the full run free range of the Thrillzone, while entertained by our highly trained and enthusiastic staff.


Take team bonding to a whole new level with our group functions! Bring your co-workers out for a day or night of fun with VR in Takapuna or work together to solve puzzles and get through the ultimate Escape Adventure.


Thrillzone is a unique and exciting place for your kid’s birthday party. Enjoy our optional party room and the combination of awesome activities that come with our birthday package. From $25 a head, this once-in-a-lifetime party can’t be missed.

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Level 1, 28 Hurstmere Road,

Takapuna 0622

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