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Virtual Reality in Takapuna and Queenstown

Available in
Takapuna and Queenstown

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality


Omni VR

Thrillzone has New Zealand’s only state-of-the-art Omni-VR multiplayer platform. Dart through virtual landscapes and test your skills against computer-generated foes. Go in alone or bring a friend for backup, the choice of game is yours to make!


Hologate VR

Take a virtual journey with your friends and family on this multiplayer gaming adventure, fun for all ages! Team up to conquer a rhythm game or cook up a storm on a pirate ship, what you do is up to you!

Virtual Reality Escape Room in Takapuna

VR Escape Rooms

Immerse yourself within the world of Virtual Reality, with plenty of challenges to choose from!

Ranging from Alice In Wonderland magical themes, to a Prison Escape attempt. 13 different missions for all ages and skill levels!

VR Nno logo Btalelground.jpg

Free Roaming VR Battleground

Immerse yourself in our brand-new wireless free-roaming virtual reality experience!  With up to four players, escape the restrictions of being connected to a wire, and battle with or against your friends and family!  

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