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Team Building and Christmas Parties in Auckland

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Ever wondered how you and your workmates would fare on an adventure together?

If you were stuck on an island or had to escape a jungle, or perhaps even save the world?

Would YOU be the one to take charge, or would you be the quiet one that tries to figure everything out?! Will you buddy up and make strategic plans or are you a lone ranger?

Why not get to know your workmates (and yourself) better, and discover what you’re all really made of, at Auckland's Thrillzone! There’s so many adventures and activities to choose from, this will be the most fun you’ll have with your crew!


Thrillzone’s Escape Adventures are the number one choice for a group – are you better at code-cracking and problem-solving or are you the observant one? Do you love to solve logic problems or would you rather be given a task to do? Will you lead the way or go with the flow? Whatever your Escape style – it’s all hands on deck as everyone is needed for these interactive adventures!

Enter an indoor room, or grab the team and take to the streets of Takapuna for our problem-solving scavenger hunt! The outdoor exercise will have your team working out puzzles, cracking codes and experiencing our exciting AR and geolocation technology!

Escape games can be adapted to suit your strategy goals and team skill level.

And if you really want to get away from it all – Thrillzone Virtual Reality Escape Rooms transport you to another world – they are so realistic, everyone will get caught up in the excitement! All of you will be posed as different characters and you HAVE to work together to beat the clock and complete your mission – no one gets left behind!

With such a wide choice of missions to choose from – unfolding in every corner of the world – you’re sure to come back for another quest!


Whether you’re bringing the troops in for a party or want to add more laughs and excitement to your next team-building event, we guarantee Thrillzone will have everyone buzzing – and there’s so much to do, you’ll want to come back for more action!

Pick just one or a few activities – as well as the ones we’ve mentioned, groups love the Omni VR adventure where you physically RUN through virtual dimensions whilst battling your opponent. Or the super-fun Hologate VR – a multi-player gaming adventure that could make you think you’re on a pirate ship!

These are market-leaders in Virtual Reality with cutting-edge technology.

We can tailor each function to your group’s needs and put together a selection of adventures, making this the perfect venue for your next work event – and we all know – the team that plays together stays together!

Thrillzone Takapuna is downtown, just minutes from the sea, and Takapuna’s impressive collection of restaurants and bars – where you can relax after your adventure and compare notes!

Call us now on 09 486 0773 or email and let’s create your ‘best ever’ event!

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