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Thrilling Christmas Team Building Events in Auckland!

The festive season is not far away, and what better way to celebrate than by bringing your workmates together for an unforgettable Christmas team-building adventure? Imagine the excitement of cracking codes, and saving the world alongside your colleagues. This holiday season, discover a new side of your team and yourself at Thrillzone!

Experience Thrilling Escape Games

At Thrillzone, we specialize in creating heart-pounding, interactive escape adventures that are perfect for team-building. Are you a code-cracking whiz, a puzzle-solving guru, or an observant strategist? No matter your style, our escape adventures are designed to engage every member of your team. From indoor escape rooms to outdoor scavenger hunts in Takapuna or the Viaduct, our adventures involve puzzles, codes, and cutting-edge AR and geolocation technology.

Virtual Reality Experience: A World of Immersive Fun

For an unparalleled experience, dive into our state of the art Virtual Reality experiences. Choose from our Omni VR, Hologate VR, our brand new free roaming VR Arena or VR Escape Rooms. Get ready to be immersed in a world of adventure and camaraderie!

Auckland’s only 36​​0º Battleground

Engage in thrilling combat with our TACTICAL Laser Tag, from sniper missions to team battles. Experience the authentic combat ambiance with Tippmann guns. For a paintball rush sans mess or pain, Bazooka Ball reinvents the game. Alternatively, merge Laser Tag and Paintball for rapid-action excitement with Paintless Paintball.

Bringing the Thrills to You

Can't make it to Takapuna? No worries! We'll come to your preferred location, turning your office, pub, or any spot into an adventure zone. Our Outdoor Escape Adventure can be customized and delivered to your location. And for an extra dose of excitement, experience our cutting-edge free-roaming VR Arena right at your venue!

Discover the Heart of Takapuna

Located in downtown Takapuna, just minutes away from the sea and a vibrant selection of restaurants and bars, Thrillzone offers the perfect setting for your Christmas event. After an exhilarating adventure, unwind and compare notes with your colleagues while enjoying the stunning surroundings.

Book Your Team Building Event Now!

Don't miss out on the chance to create lasting memories with your team this holiday season. Contact us today at 09 486 0773 or email to craft the perfect Christmas team-building event that your colleagues will be talking about for years to come.

Visit our website for more information and to explore our range of adventures and activities. Or visit to learn more about our brand new escape rooms.

This Christmas, make your team's bond stronger than ever with Thrillzone's exhilarating experiences. Let's make this holiday season one to remember!

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