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Auckland's VR Escape Rooms

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

I’m standing in Thrillzone’s VR game zone – a generic room that betrays nothing of what’s about to happen. The sunlight streams through the window and I can hear the traffic on the street outside.

Then, Max slips a VR headset over my head and my world melts away as I’m instantly transported into the chaotic and unpredictable world of Alice in Wonderland. No sight or sound of Auckland remains – my friends and I are immediately immersed in our new, Virtual Reality, where we can move, pick things up, look around and talk to each other.

There is a huge selection of VR experiences to choose from at Thrillzone – with categories of Fantasy, Adventure, Action, History, Horror and Sci-Fi. You can also select Easy games, which are great for younger or novice players, and Medium through to Hard. The puzzles and riddles in the Hard games might be trickier, especially if you’ve not experienced a VR Escape Adventure, but you can always get hints to keep you moving through your new world.

We’ve chosen Alice in Wonderland – and if you know the story/fantasy film you’ll know it’s crazy and everything is topsy turvy – perfect for a puzzle-solving experience!

Based on the classic Alice in Wonderland novel, time has stopped and we must travel through Wonderland, find the Queen of Hearts and defeat her to lift the spell and allow the passage of time to flow again.

The story begins with Alice/me drinking the liquid labelled ‘Drink Me’ and then shrinking – and this is exactly what happens to us! I see the bottle and pick it up to drink the contents. Immediately the disorientating effect begins – I actually feel the motion of getting smaller, as the room changes its perspective and now I’m tiny, everything huge around me!

We follow the white rabbit through a twisted maze – the adventure has begun! Now it’s time to plunge into a ‘Wonderland’ world of real magic, and encounter the characters and scenes we remember from the story. They’re all there, from the Mad Hatter at his mad tea party to the disappearing Cheshire Cat, the wise Caterpillar and the enchanted forest.

Each new location is a creative and visual masterpiece. So much to look at and explore … but we mustn’t forget our mission, and talk together to compare notes and share discoveries. The adventure involves so much action and interactivity, including climbing up ladders through the game’s different levels (so realistic!), picking flowers that emit a waft of confusion, and playing a mad game of croquet with our team mates, where everything keeps changing.

We’re all excited when we work out what we need to do next, or when we solve a puzzle and find ourselves transported to a new space, until at last we’re at the final showdown. Will we be able to lift the spell and save Wonderland? Will you?

Thrillzone is right in downtown Auckland, Takapuna, just minutes from all Restaurants and the stunning beach – where you can relax after your adventure and compare notes!

Call us now on 09 486 0773 or email

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