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Battleground games in Queenstown

Available in Takapuna


Thrillzone is New Zealand’s one-stop venue for awesome, adrenaline-fuelled outdoor and indoor activities. Take a look at our Battleground options.

Lasertag in queenstown new zealand thrillzone


Work in teams of any size and go head to head with your friends and family. Choose from any of our game scenarios, go team against team, or have a Free for All with our military-grade Tippmann guns and your very own Referees. It’s up to you!

Paintless Paintball in queenstown new zealand thrillzone

Paintless Paintball

All the impact of real paintball with none of the mess. Enjoy unlimited ammo as you flip and shoot your way to victory! This one can leave some bruises behind, so it’s just for adults.

Bazooka Ball in queenstown new zealand thrillzone

Bazooka Ball

All the gain and none of the pain at New Zealand’s only Bazooka Ball arena! We adapted our Tippmann guns to fire foam balls, so you and your team can go head to head with no fear of bruises.

VR Nno logo Btalelground.jpg

VR Battleground

Immerse yourself in our brand-new wireless free-roaming virtual reality experience!  With up to four players, escape the restrictions of being connected to a wire, and battle with or against your friends and family!  

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