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Pure SEO Takes on Thrillzone’s Escape Adventure in Takapuna

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Helping a digital marketing company strengthen their teamwork through a rip-roaring adventure story in Takapuna.

Meet The Team: Pure Seo

One of New Zealand’s most well-known SEO and digital marketing agencies, Pure SEO is a company 40 employees strong. These digital marketing experts take clients onboard and work to improve a business’ online presence—optimising their search engine marketing, content marketing, and social media strategies to help them compete in Google’s search results.

With so much desk work to do in their distinct teams, Pure SEO needed Thrill Zone to come in and inspire some cross-communication between the teams, boost morale, and just generally shake things up. That’s where our Escape Adventure came in!

Our Role

Pure SEO approached us looking for a customised corporate team building event that could cater to the needs of their company. Namely: challenge a casual, competition and fun-loving group of people with quite a few analytical minds mixed into the bunch. As a Northcote-based company, they needed us to create an event that could take up the second half of their workday, and they required a mission adapted to suit locations in Takapuna Central.

The Challenge

  • Take one of our Escape Adventure stories and adapt it to suit a new client, a new location, and new limitations.

  • Condense the walking distance to accommodate a smaller area, as some of the team members had injuries. Our routes typically span a larger area, so this was a good challenge!

  • Update the difficulty of the riddles to suit some more analytical minds.

  • Set locations around the Elephant Wrestler, the company’s preferred starting and ending point. They had set up some company drinks for after the team building session at that same pub.

The Goal

A satisfied client with teams experiencing a boost in morale and teamwork, and a full mission adapted to a new Takapuna location for future use.

Adapting Operation Mindfall

Operation Mindfall is one of our base stories, created and coded by a collaborator of ours in Germany. The locations, clues, and codes are all adaptable, allowing us to create the perfect

Operation Mindfall kit

Route for any group no matter their requirements.

The premise of Operation Mindfall offered ample opportunity for teamwork, banking on analytical skills of all different types. For a company like Pure SEO which has such a diverse range of employee specialties, this was the ideal jumping-off point.

To adapt this premise, we researched locations around Takapuna Central that could be suitable spots. While nothing physical needs to be left in these locations for the mission to work, these spots needed to be out-of-the-way enough for a group of people to stand around and think without getting in anyone’s way. They also needed to be—in the majority—sheltered, as rain was forecasted for the day of the event.

A street corner here, a parking lot there, a playground over there… we eventually found all the locations and mapped them into our software for easy accessibility.

The Outcome

On the big day, all the Pure SEO employees gathered at Takapuna’s Elephant Wrestler at 2:30pm for their briefing. We separated them into nine different groups, furnished them with the geolocators and supplies they needed to conquer the mission, and sent them on their way.

The mission was set on an hour-long time limit, and we started to see teams filtering in with about ten minutes to go. While not all of them finished the entire thing, the feedback we received from the Pure SEO team let us know that their customised Escape Adventure was a success!

“The team really enjoyed it. I plan to do it again with my nine-year old and his friends.”

Richard Conway (CEO)

“Had an absolute blast. I’ve been on variety of corporate events previously but never like this – this is an entirely new product / system into NZ and it was so much fun. Definately worthwhile and would totally love to do it again.”

Dale Folland

“I can’t believe we’ve never done this before! This is such a fantastic idea, and I had a blast hunting down clues and cracking the puzzles with my team. Not to mention, it got us out of the office! Highly recommend.”

Courtney Nel

“Escape Adventure was an awesome team building experience, challenging and fun for all kinds of people.”

Angela Chapman

“What I loved most about Escape Adventure was that it gave us a chance to spend great quality time with people from other teams and discover each other’s hidden talents! Plus, working together to solve riddles around the town centre was so much fun. After all, we’re a competitive bunch!”

Rachel Matela

Reach out to us for your very own Thrillzone Escape Adventure!

Like the look of the Escape Adventure? We can set one up for you too! Reach out to any one of the three Thrillzone branches in Queenstown, Takapuna, or the Auckland CBD to get started. We create adventures for birthday parties, corporate events, or club outings. No matter what kind of thrill you’re seeking, Thrillzone is the place to do it!

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