Listed below are the terms and conditions in effect for Thrillzone. Please ensure all participants (or their guardians) have thoroughly read through the terms and conditions before purchasing any of our activities.


General (applies to all activities)

  • By purchasing a ticket to participate in any of our activities at Thrillzone, customers acknowledge the operator’s general terms.

  • Customers participate in all of the activities at their own risk.

  • The operator and any owners / employees associated with this business take no responsibility for accidents, injuries, and damage caused by misuse of the facility and equipment, including violation of safety regulations.

  • Customers are always required to return all equipment provided by the operator after finishing their activities and follow ALL instructions of staff. Participating in the activities may be dangerous if not done in accordance to the rules conducted by the operating staff.

  • The operator reserves the right to finish any session early without providing any reimbursement if the customers do not comply with the rules, cause harm / damage to themselves or others, and / or risk their own health and safety.

  • The operator reserves the right to charge the customers for the damage done to any equipment or interior.

  • Valuable items are carried at the customer’s own risk.

  • By consenting to have green screen pictures taken, the participants authorize for their pictures to be used for marketing and social media purposes. These include, but are not limited to, display via TV monitors at Thrillzone and publication on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other official Thrillzone social media platforms. This is not compulsory and any participant may opt-out by informing a staff member.

  • By filling in the sign-in form on the iPad, the participant consents to all information included being kept in a consumer database. This information is used to compile consumer information and create a database that will be used for marketing purposes via email. This is not compulsory and any participant may opt-out by informing a staff member.


Virtual Reality Experiences (Vortex, 360° VR, Omni VR, Hologate VR, VR Escape Room, Race Car Simulators)

  • Thrillzone as an operator advises the participant NOT to take part in these activities if they have any existing health issues, such as, but not limited to, heart disease; vertigo; neck / back weakness; the participant easily gets motion-sick; or are pregnant.

  • The operator does not provide a refund if the participant gets motion-sick or terminates the participant’s session early for any other reason.

  • If participating in Omni VR, customers need to be within the height & weight restrictions provided by the operator. The operator reserves the right to charge customers for any damaged gear caused by customers providing false information to the operator (f.e. exceeding the weight limit).


360° Battleground (Laser Tag/Heroblast, Bazooka Ball, Paintless Paintball)

  • Children are advised to always wear masks during Bazooka ball unless the parents or guardians choose otherwise.

  • If the participant has existing health issues, such as, but not limited to, high blood pressure or heart problems, participating in this activity can be dangerous if not done according to the rules. Please advise the operating staff prior to the participant’s game if the participant has any of the conditions stated above.

  • When participating in Paintless Paintball players MUST BE 18+ years old or signed up by a legal guardian ( parental consent is required ). Thrillzone as an operator strongly advises the participant NOT to take part in this activity if they are pregnant. Face masks are mandatory for Paintless Paintball and must be worn by all players.


Putt N’ Glow Mini Golf

  • Please don't lean on the walls or bang the clubs on any of the props.

  • No more than four people at a time at each hole with a six-stroke limit per hole. 

  • Watch your step, no running or climbing and NEVER lift the club above the waist! People who behave inappropriately will be asked to leave. Take care and be considerate of others!

  • Putt n' Glow owners and staff are not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property or personal injury.

  •  It is your responsibility to pay for any lost or damaged equipment. Cameras are running and it is an offence to remove them from the premises.


Escape Adventure

  • Escape Adventure is an outdoor activity. Participants are advised to take care and follow the official New Zealand road code published by the NZ Transport Agency.

  • Parents and Guardians are responsible for minors. Children 15 years old and under must be accompanied by parents or guardians.

  • Thrillzone collects a bond deposit payment of NZD $200 in addition to the ticket fee. Thrillzone reserves the right to keep the bond deposit to replace items at the replacement cost in the event that the activity bag and / or enclosed items and / or iPads are not returned in the same condition.


Kidz Club

  • I release all liability from Thrillzone, its owners, and employees, for any personal injury, bodily harm, or personal property damage / loss that occurs while my child(ren) are at Thrillzone.

  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I agree my child is at least four years old.

  • If I pick up my child(ren) late, I agree to pay an additional fee, as set out by the fee schedule on the Thrillzone website.

  • Thrillzone reserves the right to request the child(ren) be picked up early from their session if the child(ren) exhibit(s) conduct such as, but not limited to, sickness, emotional turmoil, bullying others, or causing disruption for others. If this occurs, refunds will not be issued.

  • I consent to Thrillzone team members applying minor medical treatment to my child(ren) if necessary (such as applying a band-aid). I recognize, if serious medical treatment is needed, Thrillzone will first call an ambulance and notify the parental contact afterwords. I acknowledge Thrillzone is not responsible for any medical costs (including ambulance costs.)

  • I agree to pay any costs incurred by my child(ren)’s damage to gear or equipment.

  • I acknowledge this is a legally binding agreement between Thrillzone and the participating party.

  • This is not a comprehensive list of all Kidz Club Terms & Conditions. To see the full Terms & Conditions, ask a team member.


By signing in electronically at Thrillzone on iPads, I agree to the terms and conditions set out for myself and the participating party.