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VR Battleground Multiplayer Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in our brand-new wireless free-roaming virtual reality experience!  With up to eight players, escape the restrictions of being connected to a wire, and battle with or against your friends and family!  


Survive the zombie apocalypse as you defend the hospital from a constant hoard of zombies, or dance your way through the galaxy as you stop an evil robot from hacking the world to destroy it!  Shoot goblins and monsters as you test your archery skills, to see who is the Legolas of your group!  Or compete in a team deathmatch where your ultimate goal is to shoot your friends before they shoot you! 


Are you ready to gear up for our battlefield!?  Experience virtual reality like never before!  Freely move around our arena as you compete against your friends with a selection of games.  From zombies to hacking robots, goblins, or each other, prepare to dodge, duck, and shoot your way to victory! 


Enter our arena for a competitive virtual reality experience like no other!  Laser tag with a twist!  Escape the real world, equip yourself with an arsenal of weapons, and fight to survive!  Don our wireless headset and get lost in one of our captivating free-roaming multiplayer experiences!    

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