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The History of Escape Rooms

Have you ever heard of escape rooms or live escape rooms? Surely over the last few years, you’ve heard someone talk about an experience in which, together with a group of people, they had to escape from a room full of tests and brain teasers following a story that had been previously told to them.

escape rooms in queenstown
Escape Room at Thrillzone

Escape rooms are a different form of leisure that not only entertain but also provide various health benefits. Its origin goes back decades and it does not have a specific location, but has evolved from different experiences!

What's their deal?

escape rooms in auckland CBD
Indoor Escape Room at Thrillzone

Escape rooms have origins in Live Action Role Playing, or LARPing, which is an experience during which players role-play as characters from games or historical events. They also have origins in online “point and click” escape the room games, wherein players could solve puzzles, combine items, and escape out of a virtual room from the comfort of their own home. Other inspirations include traditional scavenger or treasure hunts and interactive theatres such as haunted houses or murder mystery dinner shows.

Escape Rooms are part of modern culture and can provide hours of thought-provoking and immersive family fun.

When were the Escape Rooms Born?

Different Modes at Thrillzone

It is difficult to date the first escape room to come to light. In Japan, the advertising company SCRAP, which is said to have created the first escape room in 2007 under the name of The Real Escape Game. Despite this fact, few escape rooms have the SCRAP company as their initial reason for being and the fact is that most escape rooms were born from their owners playing other escape games in the area.

If we take a closer look, we will find Hungary as a precursor country of European escape rooms after their popularization in Asia, with Parapark in Budapest as its main exponent.

online scape room in Auckland
Escape Rooms can be either indoor, outdoor or online!

Although the phenomenon is worldwide and there seems to be the first game in Japan, the majority of escape room players are to be found in Europe and North America. The reason seems simple; it is in these two regions where most escape games are concentrated, and where all the precursor elements mentioned above have had the greatest impact.

Ultimately, the origins of escape rooms are not as obvious as they might seem!

Although their past is somewhat nebulous, their present and future look really bright!

New Zealand is no exception to this worldwide phenomenon and you can find the best Escape Rooms all over the country thanks to Thrillzone, which you can find in Queenstown, Takapuna and Auckland CBD! Enjoy online escape rooms, outdoor and indoor activities, seasonal scavenger hunts, among many other options.

Thrillzone has activities for everyone: From children to grown-ups, nobody is left out when it comes to having fun!

Check out the multiple Escape Room's options Thrillzone has for you in

Auckland, Takapuna and Queenstown:

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