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Escape Adventure Game ( Case Study - Pasadena Intermediate School )

Pasadena Intermediate school pride themselves on providing an innovative and holistic education where personal excellence is achieved. Thrillzone offers a challenge that consists of teamwork and collaboration to achieve a common goal. Pasadena intermediate asked Thrillzone to come in and inspire young minds to communicate and problem solve as a team! With our Escape Adventure Game we were able to achieve this.

The Mission

The Thrillzone Escape Adventure Game was brought to Pasadena Intermediate School. The games are structured into: Easy, Medium and Hard which reflects the requirements of different year levels. Accordingly, the games are designed for year levels 4-13. The students at Pasadena Intermediate played the Magic Portal storyline. This is a fantasy based game with literacy and numeracy questions mixed into the riddles. The students have one hour to resolve the storyline and solve the puzzles before the time is up! Thrillzone is now offering three different storylines to choose from.

We currently have 2 story-lines on offer:

- Magic Portal

- Operation Mindfall

- We are excited to release a 3rd game next year called BLACKOUT

Magic Portal– Storyline

Since the beginning of time, there have been magic portals that connect

our world with a fantastic parallel world . Portal guardians make sure that

The gates are well secured. But one of the portal guards has been put into

a magical sleep – and now evil creatures are streaming into our world.

Solve puzzles in enchanted places and collect enough crystals to re-seal

the Magic Portal and save our world from destruction.

The Challenge

  • Due to unpredictable weather, the game was adapted to be played indoors and outdoors.

  • Analytical minds in the classroom were spread around the groups evenly.

  • Due to the amount of students wanting to participate, this program was organized over the course of two days.

  • We adjusted the game for the different year levels that were participating, this ensured it was a challenge for each year level and it was suited to their stage in learning development.

The Result

On the day we set up the programme in an open space indoors. Our staff split the students into groups of 4-5 people and provided each team with equipment to help them conquer the mission.

The teams had one hour to complete the mission, our staff helped the teams by providing hints and encouraging teams to work together. Many of the teams were successful, their results were recorded and shared with everyone.

The Pasadena Intermediate students and Thrillzone Team discussed what the students learnt and discovered during their time with us. We have had some great responses and feedback from the staff at Pasadena Intermediate that observed their students;

“Our students loved participating in the Escape Adventure Programme. The students worked on their collaboration, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking and logic skills (students needed to think 'outside the box'). I would recommend the programme to other schools as it provided a different experience for the students that we can't provide at school - and above all else, the students were engaged and it was fun. The programme was easy to organise - the facilitators were great (energetic, friendly, and positive whilst providing enough scaffold for the students to feel successful). We would 100% do this again!” - Christine Abercrombie

Bring the Thrillzone Escape Adventure Game to your school!

Want us to visit your school? Reach out to us today! Together we can create a plan to best suit your school! The ultimate technology Experience for your students! Educational, fun, immersive and brought to your school!

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