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  • Each customer group will be looked after by one of our dedicated hosts.

  • We will have different customer groups in designated areas which assures the recommended distance.

  • We will not mix any customer groups.

  • Our hosts will keep the recommended minimum distance.

  • Our staff will wash hands/use sanitizers on a regular basis throughout the day.

  • For our guests, we will provide a hand-sanitizer and/or facilities to wash hands with soap.

  • We obtain a sign-in sheet for customers which complies with the government guideline for contact tracing if needed.

  • In case it is required to get closer to a customer, such as helping to fit VR headsets, our staff will wear face masks and will sanitize hand before reducing the distance.

  • All our surfaces are regularly cleaned with antibacterial cleaning products.

  • In addition, we introduce UVC Light Cleaning for our equipment such as VR Headsets, Controllers, Lasertag, Paintball-Guns, Drift-Karts, Helmets, 3D Glasses as an extra layer of protection for our customers, Medical-grade Ultraviolet C light sanitization is the ideal technology as an added line of defense.

  • What is UVC light?
    UV-C light is germicidal – i.e., it deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens and thus destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease. Specifically, UV-C light causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA. The formation of such bonds prevents the DNA from being unzipped for replication, and the organism is unable to reproduce. In fact, when the organism tries to replicate, it dies.


For any further questions, feel free to contact us ay any stage! 

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