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Omni VR Multiplayer Virtual Reality Games in Takapuna and Queenstown

Available in
Takapuna and Queenstown

Omni VR: Single and Multiplayer Virtual Reality

Omni Virtual Reality – the only way to run in VR!

A state-of-the-art multiplayer virtual gaming adventure that completely immerses you into different dimensions. One moment you are living in your world, the next moment you are lost in ours. You know you’re just visiting, but your mind is convinced otherwise!

Equipped with special shoes, Omni VR is the only Virtual Reality System that allows you to physically RUN through the virtual dimensions whilst playing the games! A single- or multiplayer gaming experience like no other one before.

Our Games:


Survive waves of robots and defend the Powercore in Core Defense. Team up with other players and go for the high score on the leaderboard!

gamecard_img_deadzone (1).jpg

Are you brave enough to take on the zombies in this thrilling action-packed adventure? Compete for kills, find supplies, and work together with your teammates to survive.


​The high seas await you as you embark on a daring adventure to overcome mindbending challenges, loot treasure, and defeat foes in this swashbuckling pirate adventure.

Plus many more...

You decide if you play as a team or compete against your friends.

Our headset integrated speakers allow you to talk to each other while completing different gaming missions.

You might find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, a tactical shooting mission or walking through a haunted house… We have endless options for your ultimate gaming adventure!

Come and give it a go at NZ’s first Omni arena! We can’t wait to see you!

What our customers think!

This place is so much fun! I convinced my mum to come and she’s not really into gaming and that sort of stuff but she loved it! The workers were friendly, and as I’m sweating “running” in the game they put the fans on so they have it all folks hahah highly recommend

Michaela K

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