Escape Room Adventure

14th May - 3rd July

Outdoor Escape is a fun game format suitable for all ages. Part escape room, part scavenger hunt and part augmented reality, players need to work together to find the clues and solve the puzzles.

 As part of the Auckland activation program Thrillzone Takapuna is giving FREE tickets away for this Outdoor Escape Adventure. Vouchers are available between the 14th May - 26th June for Aucklanders, play in teams with up to 4 Players.

For additional informations  or group bookings please contact us under

Get your Team of 4 player together and prepare to save the world!


Enter our FREE Escape Adventure and immerse yourself into a challenging next-level combination of a scavenger hunt, escape room, and augmented reality around Aucklands Takapuna! This outdoor game makes you play incorporated puzzles with code-cracking elements while experiencing exciting AR features & geolocation technology, without the confines of a physical room. 

With 3 game options to choose from:

- Easy, Medium or Hard


We have something for the little code crackers, and puzzlers, or the more experienced amongst you. Choose your difficulty now, then come and have a chat with the team to decide on what storyline you want to play. 

Choose your Storyline 

Operation Mindfall: 

Our sources report that the secret research company, Spider Technologies, has developed a virus for mind control and has already infected 20% of the world population. Whether it be shopping behaviour, political attitudes, or even assassinations. To stop Spider Tech, we created Operation Mindfall and chose you as our agents. Your task: Obtain the antidote to stop Spider Tech! You only have a limited amount of time – can you do it?

Magic Portal:​

Since the beginning of time, there have been magic portals that connect our world with a fantastic parallel world . Portal guardians make sure that the gates are well secured. But one of the portal guards has been put into a magical sleep – and now evil creatures are streaming into our world. Solve puzzles in enchanted places and collect enough crystals to re-seal the Magic Portal and save our world from destruction.