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VR Battleground


 1 - 8 Player

You and the rest of your anteater family have started a challenge - who can eat the most bugs? Do you think you have what it takes to score the most points? The bigger the bug the bigger the reward.


 1 - 8 Player

Have you always wanted to be a firefighter? Well now’s your chance! Fill up your bucket and grab your hose and get to work putting out the fire and saving the burning building.

Only Text.png

 1 - 8 Player

Aliens have invaded Granny’s kitchen and are trying to steal her precious cake! Grab your vacuum cleaner and suck as many aliens as you can to save Granny’s kitchen and score the most points!

Granny's Alien Invasion

Staff Favorite

 2 - 8 Player

Face off in teams against your friends and family or battle it out in an all out free for all where it’s everyone for themselves in this fast paced and futuristic game of VR Laser Tag!

Enter the Duat - Logo .png

Staff Favorite

 1 - 8 Player

Hone your archery skills as you grab your bows and arrows and work to protect yourself and each other from the incoming horde of evil goblins!

Enter the Duat
SDH_environmemt_image_0006 (1).jpg
Logo 1280x720.png

 1 - 8 Player

Think you have the dance skills it will take to reach the top of the leaderboard? Go up against one another in a high energy dance battle or just challenge yourself to best mirror the moves and score the most points!

Space Dance

 1 - 6 Player

An evil computer virus has taken over cyberspace ! Do you have what it takes to defeat Maurice.exe ? Shoot and dodge your way to victory energizing cyber-punk themed game.

Cyber Shock

 1 - 6 Player

Zombies have taken over! Grab some weapons and work together with your friends or family to save the city in this heart-pounding first person shooter.

Dead Ahead

 1 - 6 Player

Your sacred tree is under attack! Put your archery skills to the test and, with the help of some magical power-ups, protect your sacred tree from the incoming attacks from the evil goblins!


 1 - 4 Player

Either team up against your friends or go all out in a free for all in this action-packed and high energy pvp shooter!

Quantum Arena
Cook'd Up C.jpg

 1 - 6 Player

Put on your best chef’s gear and show off your amazing cooking skills as you get to work serving demanding customers in this fast-paced and competitive restaurant simulation game.

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